Tradurre la green economy nei territori: il ruolo dei professionisti nel settore dell’eolico

Autori: Dario Minervini, Ivano Scotti
In: Meridiana. 98
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Researches show that a neoliberal framework drives the development of renewables in the green economy scenario. Policies fostering the transition are based on market assumptions, underestimating socio-territorial specificity of local contexts. This approach seems not effective in the understanding of the «patchy» spread of renewables. Scholars highlighted the relevance of the intermediation processes, and the role of the professionals, to unfold the development trajectories of green power. Indeed, these actors play a pivotal in the development of renewables plants by the «assembling» of heterogeneous elements (cultural, economic, regulatory, etc.) and translating them into territorial contexts. Because of this, it seems useful investigating the settlement process of renewables according to a procedural perspective, adopting a threefold theoretical frame. First, the sociology of translation is recalled reconstructing the energy transition. Second, insights from the sociology of professions help us to conceptualize and investigate the role, logics of action and ethics of the green collars involved in the wind power. Finally, a relational understanding of the territorial capital leads the research to detect the assemblage of socio-material identities of the transition.

Keywords: territorial context; wind farm developers; wind power.