Valorizzazione del patrimonio culturale e paesaggistico nelle aree interne della Valle del Simeto in Sicilia

Autori: Gianni Petino, Luigi Scrofani
In: Meridiana. 98
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In this paper the authors support the thesis that each territorial system is characterized by tangible and intangible resources. In particular, the first group refers to the cultural and landscape heritage, while the second relates to the relationships between individuals, businesses and institutions. Over time, this dynamic process of accumulation of resources constitutes a specific territorial capital of each system. The governance, which is careful to sustainable economic processes, is most important respect to all other aspects of the territorial system. This model is even more valid for inner areas, characterized by depopulation, delayed development and accentuated processes of environmental degradation. With these premises, the authors first studied the regional programming of EU funds and then, particularly, they deepened the character of the inner area of the valley of the Simeto River. The results show that the social and institutional relationships and the governance of the area are able to influence not only the development processes but above all the identity of the territorial system.

Keywords: development; landscape; cultural heritage; governance.