L’isola del «Gatto selvatico». La Sicilia nella rivista dell’Eni (1955-65)

Autore: Carlo Verri
In: Meridiana. 98
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The article analyzes the communication strategy of Eni to promote its expansion in Sicily in 50s and 60s, when it builds the petrochemical plant in Gela. The author studies the house organ «Il gatto selvatico» (1955-65), where many intellectuals write. They maintain that humanistic culture can coexist with technical-scientific culture, and this coexistence is represented by the contemporary discovery of oil and archaeological finds of the ancient Greek city. In that time, they are sure that the industrial development will resolve all the difficulties of Sicily, and they confirm the fallacy of the archaic island, forever stop in the same position, and in doing so, they show some contradictions. Not surprisingly, these intellectuals will soon be disappointed by their collaboration with large-scale industry. The article focuses on the most emblematic case of the Sicilian writer Leonardo Sciascia. He, writing in the «Gatto selvatico» and working on a documentary by Eni on Gela, already in the mid-sixties criticizes the industrial development in Sicily, and in particular in Gela, for its negative effects in the territory.

Keywords: Gela; oil; Eni; Il Gatto selvatico.