Briganti prêt-à-porter: media, narrazioni e identità nel XXI secolo

Autore: Claudia Villani
In: Meridiana. 99, 2020
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The boom in media-based narratives of the past is the main phenomenon with which history, school and teaching must compete today. The essay retraces the changes in the historical narration forms, as a result of a double order of phenomena: the reconfiguration of the forms of social communication and its effects on narrative strategies (storytelling); the reconfiguration of collective and individual identities on a planetary scale in the context of globalization processes. Some hypotheses are being put forward to explain, in this context, the new populist style and the transversal success of the brigand-hero, a new prêt-à-porter myth, the very personification of current identity transitions.

Keywords: Popular history; Historical narratives; New media; Brigands.