Zone di variegata sovranità: sistemi di controllo e protezioni dei lavoratori in distacco

Autori: Francesco E. Iannuzzi, Devi Sacchetto
In: Meridiana. 99, 2020
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Based on qualitative data collected for a European research project on the system of protection of posted workers in the EU, this study explores the specific ways in which posting of workers is used in the Italian labour market, by analysing both the forms of administrative controls and the practices put in place by trade union organisations to address irregularities and guarantee protections to workers. Due to its economic structure and the high availability of tools to lower labour costs in Italy, the posting of workers seems to be less used by companies than in other European member states. However, its presence in some sectors and, especially, in some Italian regions, poses specific problems to the system of control of the regularity of work and the union’s practicability. The authors argue that transnational posting is a way of managing the workforce that undermines labour controls and state-based forms of trade union action, highlighting the erosion of labour governance of national institutions and unions.

Keywords: Posting of work; Unions; Labour inspectorate; European Union.