Asia Maior. Special Issue No. 2 / 2022. US-China Competition, COVID-19 and Democratic Backsliding in Asia

Testata: Asia Maior • Anno di pubblicazione: 2022
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pp. 216, ISBN: 9788833138800
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ISBN: 9791254691793
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  • Giulio Pugliese & Andrea Fischetti, Foreword. US-China Competition, COVID-19 and Democratic Backsliding in Asia
  • Axel Berkofsky, The US-Japan Security Alliance – Ready and equipped to deal with China?
  • Francesca Congiu, China, United States, COVID-19 and the Long-standing Question of Human Rights: Problems of a dichotomous approach
  • Beatrice Gallelli, China’s Official Narratives on Xinjiang: Interethnic mingling, economic prosperity and religious terrorism
  • Barbara Onnis, COVID-19 and China’s Global Image
  • Marco Milani, The role of South Korea amid US-China Competition
  • Diego Maiorano, Democratic backsliding amid the COVID-19 pandemic in India
  • Michelguglielmo Torri, The Road to Galwan Valley: An alternative view of India’s relations with China and the US since 2005
  • Filippo Boni, The US-China Rivalry in South Asia and Pakistan’s hedging dilemma
  • Silvia Tieri, Migration, Borders, and Security Discourses in the time of COVID-19: The case of migration from Bangladesh to India
  • Gianluca Coci, The Young Abe Kōbō’s Engagement in Post-war Japanese Literary and Artistic Societies
  • Appendix