Coerenza tra le pratiche di pianificazione e il capitale territoriale nelle strategie di sviluppo turistico per le aree interne italiane

Autori: Daniele Mantegazzi, Maria Giulia Pezzi, Gabriella Punziano
In: Meridiana. 102, 2021
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The structural development policies of the last decade see the fundamental opposition between spatially-blind strategies and place-based interventions. This article aims at contributing to the current debate on this topic by analyzing the results of decision-making processes related to the implementation of the National Strategy for Inner Areas (SNAI) considering a specific planning sector: tourism. In particular, the discursive and narrative practices emerging in the planning documents of tourism strategies have been analyzed to identify the elements of coherence between the planning practices – based on the knowledge of the territorial capital – and the actual territorial capital.

Keywords: Place-based development; Spatially-blind approach; Narrative policy analysis; Italian National Strategy for Inner Areas