Omonormatività nei contesti lavorativi italiani odierni: nuovi orizzonti gerarchici?

Autore: Beatrice Gusmano
In: Genesis. XI/1-2, 2012
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Homonormativity in Contemporary Italian Workplaces: New Hierarchical Horizons?
The object of this paper is to present how homosexual male workers in managerial positions manage their non-heterosexual identities in Italian public and private workplaces. The 7 interviews analyzed here are part of a larger set of 34 narrative interviews conducted between 2007 and 2008 to workers that had come out at least with one person in the workplace. The professional dimension is the central theme of these narratives, whose dominant feature is the adherence to hegemonic masculinity. At the same time, it draws a clear distinction with the homosexual male, which is precisely described in stereotypical terms that are the basis of discrimination against homosexuals. This positioning reveals how non-heterosexual identities differ one from the other, creating a hierarchy between privileged homosexualities – usually the ones that differ less from the norm – and stigmatized ones – presented as the more transgressive by the professional workers object of this paper.