II sorpasso. Percorsi sociali femminili nelle seconde generazioni di meridionali a Torino

Autore: Anna Badino
In: Meridiana. 75, 2012
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The Overtaking. Social Female Route in the Second Southern Italy Generations in Turin
Many years after the end of the great internal migrations, a significant part of the population of Turin has southern origins. Historical studies only dealt with the first generation of immigrants, failing to analyse the destiny of the second generation, which grew up in a period of important economic transformations for the industrial North, namely the Seventies and the Eighties. Today, in Turin, coming from a family of southern immigrants means to belong to the working class. The reasons of this scarce intergenerational social mobility have not been exhaustively investigated. Two studies dealt with this issue and pointed out that the disadvantage of the sons of southern immigrants in the social pyramid finds its roots in the lower commitment to education, compared to locals. However, this phenomenon involves important differences according to gender. This article presents the results of a research that compared the educational paths of sons and daughters of southern families and local families. Boys and girls coming from southern families appear to have highly differentiated paths. The formers leave school earlier and immediately enter the labour market as workers. The latters seem to invest more in education and this gives them access to clerical jobs.