La generazione immobile ha ripreso a spostarsi: il caso degli studenti meridionali a Torino

Autore: Alice Scavarda
In: Meridiana. 75, 2012
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The Immobile Generation Has Begun To Move: The Case of Southern Students in Turin
The article deals with the restart of internal migrations in Italy, focusing on high skilled migrants, specifically young southern students who attend the university in Turin, in order to get educational credentials, useful for finding a job in the same town where they have studied or in another region, even abroad. The aim is to explore the phenomenon, by analyzing depth reasons and future plans of the displacement. The second topic is young people’s self-concept change and their relationship with family, friends and original context, because migration may induce a process of emancipation from parents and create a break with social and cultural background. Gender and social classes affect the experience, producing multiple pathways. Benefits of the DSU system reduce social inequalities on the opportunity to choose a college far away from home, since commuting seems to be a «survival strategy» of lower-class families, but recent budget cuts put in question the role of this public institution.