Le migrazioni interne dal Mezzogiorno tra ricerca di lavoro e mobilità occupazionale

Autore: Davide Bubbico
In: Meridiana. 75, 2012
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Internal Migrations from South Italy between Job Search and Job Mobility
The recovery of internal migrations in Italy from second half ’90, showed the recovery of stronger regional difference in Italian economy, even in the presence of a greater dynamism of some regions of southern Italy in this period. But the recovery of this trend has been obscured, one hand, from most strong dynamic of the external migrations, and the other, by the fact that the analysis has focused almost exclusively on a idea a emigration mostly qualified of labour force, obscuring the continuity of emigration of working class that is still today a constant of the internal migrations in Italy. If these trends must be included within an more larger process of territorial’s mobility, that sometimes is independent only by the job search, at the same time the causes that are at the basis of internal migration are confirmed by the persistence of gaps in economy development and quality of service of the Italian regions. However the recent economic crisis and the incessant process of deregulation of labour market and not last the increased of immigrations from other countries have complicated the analysis of these trends at least regard to the pull factors in contrast to the push factors that have remained the same.