Le migrazioni interne degli stranieri al tempo dell’immigrazione

Autori: Corrado Bonifazi, Frank Heins, Enrico Tucci
In: Meridiana. 75, 2012
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The Internal Migrations of Foreigners at the Time of Immigration
Foreign immigration is certainly one of the key processes that have changed Italian society in recent decades. The increase in the number of foreigners living in Italy has had important effects, among others, also on inter-regional mobility, leading to a growing interest from the scientific community and official statistics. The present contribution offers a predominantly statistical analysis of the phenomenon based on the population register data processed by Istat. The analysis shows that the internal mobility of foreigners is essentially tied to the volume and characteristics of the flows from abroad and the ability of destination regions to offer a stable insertion in the labour and in the housing market. Overall, the migration to Italy and the subsequent internal migratory moves in Italy illustrate the great ability of foreigners to react dynamically, flexibly and swiftly to the regional socio-economic situation. This is an important feature in Italy, a country that for decades has shown an apparent discrepancy between significant regional socio-economic differences and relative low levels of interregional mobility.