Torniamo a casa. Memorie e identità di emigrati siciliani

Autore: Michela Morello
In: Meridiana. 75, 2012
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Let’s go home. Memories and Identityof Sicilian Emigrants
There is a silent and constant flow of Sicilian migrants going back to their villages of origin after many years spent working abroad. Most of these migrants go back with a pension that promises a quiet life, but they are not old enough to retire and they are not fully convinced of their choice. Returning migrants can only tell their intimate and contradictory, painful and ambivalent reasons. Collecting a large number of lifestories, where commonality and individuality are decided by memory paths, means facing the slippery subject of the so called return identity. There is nothing predictable in the choice of meeting again no longer familiar people, places, lifestyles.