Lo stato d’emergenza

Autore: Gabriele Licciardi
In: Meridiana. 76, 2013
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The State of Emergency
Political violence has had a very accurate representation in the history of our Republic. This paper has tried to highlight how the continuity line between the two decades of sixties and seventies has been very marked, though history has often referred to the seventies as a period of terrorism and has absolved them as the decade of movements. This study tried to prove how the violence of the seventies took its incubators in the previous decade, and the events connected to the Workers Power and its transformation in Organized Autonomy Workers have been its emblem. It was also interesting to see how the State’s response to the climate of terror, which spread in many Italian cities, has raised strong protests in some sections of the Italian Parliament and the public opinion. Guarantee and justice followers, an old controversy that still keeps a deep impression.