Una guerra civile di lunga durata. La violenza politica in un Paese a «capitalismo avanzato»

Autore: Angelo Ventrone
In: Meridiana. 76, 2013
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A Civil War of Long Duration. Political Violence in a Country with «Advanced Capitalism»
This essay deals with the link between political violence and the fear of the Perfect Totalitarianism during the 60’s and the 70’s in Italy. The fundamental issue during that historical period was the obsession of the new generation to give back centrality to the human being. In fact, the transformation of Capitalism, during the 50’s, into the so called Neocapitalism, seemed characterised not only by the growth of the production of goods, but also by the capacity to absorb every form of antagonism through the mythology of well-being, the expansion of consumption and the increase of salaries. Capitalism had at its disposal much more powerful weapons than in the past, because it was able to conquer the minds of people, to model them according to their needs, to build a tailor made man. The essay seeks to answer the following questions: why a large part of the young generation had a completely negative judgement about their present time and why they wanted to change the world? Why Politics seemed to them the right tool to free themselves and the others, so as to gain back the inner harmony that had been destroyed by the contemporary society? And, lastly, why political violence appeared to them a necessary instrument to accede to the authentic life?