Per una storia del femminismo turco: l’esperienza dell’Associazione delle donne progressiste (Ikd, 1975-1980)

Autore: Lea Nocera
In: Genesis. XII/1, 2013
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For a History of Turkish Feminism: the Experience of the Association of Progressive Women (İkd, 1975-1980)
The history of Turkish feminism is characterised by a 45-year-long silence elapsed between the feminist campaigns and activities during the last phase of Ottoman period and the first years of the Republic on one side, and the rise of a radical and active womens’ movement in the ’80s on the other. The article explores the history of the Progressive Women’s Organization (İkd) founded in 1975 in order to investigate the political background, the discourses concerning women and feminism produced by leftist organisations and the characteristics of women’s political participation in the late ’70s, the years just before the vibrant eruption of the second wave of Turkish feminism.