Femminismi in Marocco tra politiche di genere e movimenti sociali. Alcune evoluzioni recenti

Autore: Sara Borrillo
In: Genesis. XII/1, 2013
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Femminisms in Morocco between Gender Politics and Social Movements. Some recent Developments
The aim of this paper firstly is to present the relevance of the feminists’ claims for the democratization process of Moroccan state and for the contemporary development of social debate about freedom, justice and human dignity. Also thanks to some ethnographic materials, collected during the author field work activity curried out doing researches in Morocco during last five years, the article describes the main issues of women’s discrimination in the country and the interaction between gender politics and feminist movement from the post-indipendence period until today. It proves that in different ways and self-representations, feminists and non feminists, Muslim and non Muslim women, are re-defining women’s roles and rights in contemporary Morocco, being subjects of their own “re-making” not only in political arena, but also in cultural and social sphere.