Dalle lotte sociali alla globalizzazione delle rivolte. Il movimento bracciantile nelle zone capitalistiche del Mezzogiorno

Autore: Francesco Di Bartolo
In: Meridiana. 77, 2013
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From Social Struggles to Revolts of Globalization. Farm Workers in the Capitalist Areas of Southern Italy.
This paper aims to develop a reflection on the theme of transformation of the struggles of farm workers in the areas of agrarian capitalism in the South, on the production of citrus fruits. In particular, we intend to compare the structured dimension of the struggles of the labour movement of agricultural workers in the province of Siracusa in the sixties with the current state of exploitation of agricultural workers in the Plain of Rosarno. We have analyzed the case of the struggles of agricultural workers that led to the massacre of Avola (1968) and the revolt of the immigrant workers in Rosario in 2010. The main objective of this study is to introduce an assessment of how the macro-economic and social trends have influenced the responses of the workers movement and also to analyze the role of trade unions in their attempt to govern economic transformations and to represent social problems associated with them.