Quale Pessoa? Ultime edizioni e nuove prospettive

Autore: Simone Celani
In: Critica del testo. XVI/2, 2013
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Quale Pessoa? Ultime edizioni e nuove prospettive
Even though almost eighty years have passed since Fernando Pessoa’s death and more than seventy since the publication of the first posthumous volumes, his works still lack definitive or generally approved editions. This is due without doubt to the particular state of the Pessoa Archive – housed in the Biblioteca Nacional de Lisboa – which abounds in texts that are incomplete and difficult to read or reconstruct. But the situation also derives from constantly changing and at times contradictory publishing strategies which have given rise to the circulation of different versions of Pessoa’s works, often at cross purposes with regard to structure and basic criteria. The paper presents new developments in Pessoan studies over the past five years, both in the bio-bibliographical and publishing fields, and illustrates the most recent findings in textual and literary criticism relating to Pessoa. An examination of the criteria applied to the most recent critical editions is followed by a series of proposals for a new approach in dealing with the problems presented by Pessoa’s works.