Madre Italia, Africa concubina. La femminilizzazione del territorio nel discorso coloniale fascista

Autore: Valeria Deplano
In: Genesis. XII/2, 2013
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Italy as a Mother, Africa as a Concubine. The Feminization of the Lands within the Colonial Discourse of Fascism
The article analyzes the discourse spread out by colonial journals from the 1920’s until the late 1930’s, in order to investigate the role played by a representation used in Fascist propaganda: the depiction of Italy like a mother and Africa as sexually available woman. The gendered representation of lands is borrowed from the European colonial culture and it goes along with the description of the Italian male colonizer as the only subject of the colonial process. The article analyzes how this discursive construction changes during the “Ventennio” and how it justifies both the African land use by colonizers and the reproduction of a conservative and unequal society within the colonial territories. At last the article read the gendered representation as a part of the wider Mussolini’s project of building a new, fascist society.