Donne ai confini dell’impero. Spazi femminili nella colonizzazione agricola della Tunisia

Autore: Daniela Melfa
In: Genesis. XII/2, 2013
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Women on the Border of the Empire. Feminine Spaces in the Agricultural Colonisation of Tunisia
The essay foregrounds the experience of Jeanne Ballet (née Trouillet), a settler’s wife in colonial Tunisia after WWI. A socially engaged Catholic, Jeanne Ballet contributed regularly to the review «Ibla» with articles on rural environment and native habits. Driven by a modernising mindset, Jeanne Ballet shared the taste for order and discipline of her contemporaries, as well as the paternalism then in vogue. Particularly sensitive to women’s issues, she emphasised the potential of both European and Tunisian women, thus moulding a substantial role for them as pioneers of change.