Crisi globale e conflitti civili. Nuove ricerche e prospettive storiografiche

Autore: Carmine Pinto
In: Meridiana. 78, 2013
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Global Crisis and Civil Conflicts. New Researches and Historiographical Perspectives
The end of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies is an episode of the revolutions that change the face of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, as well as the process of the formation of modern nations. In this way the crisis of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies can be interpreted inwardly the history of the immense geopolitical area, that ranged from the Naples to Bogota, and from Madrid to Buenos Aires, the heir of the Great Empire of Charles III. The Bourbon monarchies experienced a deep crisis in the Nineties of the Nineteenth century, imploded during the Napoleonic Wars. The process has fragmented powers and institutions, and was not stopped with the Restoration. This is because it was continued first in the contest between liberalism and absolutism, and then in the old and new countries, with the conflict among different national projects, although marked by start, duration, development and different conclusions that give life to the new states on the ashes of the Great Empire. The perspective of the conflict, therefore allows to insert the new studies and current research on the South Italian Risorgimento inside of the large international debate on the Atlantic Revolutions and the connection between the Civil War and the formation of modern national states.