La politicizzazione della camorra. Le fonti di polizia a Napoli (1848-60)

Autore: Antonio Fiore
In: Meridiana. 78, 2013
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The Politicization of the Camorra. The Police Sources in Naples (1848-1860)
The article describes the politicization of the Camorra in the first half of the nineteenth century using the police sources of the1840-60. These sources show an increasing occupation by the phenomenon of Camorra, which spreads from prisons and gambling in some markets. There is a documented negotiated systemic co-management of the public order between the police and the Camorra. But with the constitutional uprisings of 1848 there is a significant politicization with a liberal orientation in particular the Camorrists of the market, that is present even in some prisons revolts. This politicization will cause from a side, an important separation (with a following contrast) between a pro-realistic and a liberal Camorra; from the other side, a greater attention of the police authorities for this specific criminal group. Throughout the fifties of the nineteenth century this process increases until the famous cooptation in the Guardia cittadina by Liborio Romano in 1860.