L'Uomo qualunque in Sardegna

Autore: Maurizio Cocco
In: Meridiana. 78, 2013
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The «Uomo qualunque» in Sardinia
The paper revolves around the political movement of the «Uomo qualunque» in Sardinia. It focuses on the articulation of one of the three faces of political parties as described by Katz and Mair: the party on the ground. In particular it puts the emphasis on the role of leaders and regional notables and their relationship with the party in the central office. Using prefetti’s reports, the «L’Uomo qualunque» newspaper, oral and written memoirs of some of the most important Sardinian members of the Uomo qualunque as its primary sources, the paper aims to reveal the most peculiar aspects of this party in Sardinia. It also considers the electoral geography in 1946 and 1948 political elections and in 1946, 1952 and 1956 local elections, stressing on the differences concerning the urban and rural areas. It also considers the connections between the Uomo qualunque and other political parties, especially Democrazia Cristiana and Movimento sociale italiano and the political patterns of qualunquisti notables after the dissolution of the party in 1948. Finally it points out the Uomo qualunque’s view on Italian autonomous regions with special statute.