Danilo Dolci e Leonardo Sciascla. Sguardi critici su violenza e nonviolenza in Sicilia

Autore: Antonio Fiscarelli
In: Meridiana. 78, 2013
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Danilo Dolci and Leonardo Sciascia. Critical Views on Violence and Non-Violence in Sicily
Leonardo Sciascia and Danilo Dolci, two of the most important Italian intellectuals, have lived and operated in the same zone in Sicily for a long time, analyzing the same enemy, both writing on that kind of violence traditionally called «mafia». Nevertheless, they didn’t agree with each other on the method to be used for people’s emancipation from such Sicilian drama. Sciascia is persuaded that try to solve Sicilian violence by non-violent methods, as Dolci supposes, is an illusion. Dolci, on the contrary, believes that non-violence is actually the only solution to face it. Understanding this dispute can stimulate our points of view on the Sicilian history of violence, prevalently identified with that organized shape of violence better known as mafia; but it can also encourage our perspectives and purposes on non-violent action and researches.