La crisi, il Mezzogiorno e i difetti di interpretazione

Autore: Gianfranco Viesti
In: Meridiana. 79, 2014
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Crisis, Mezzogiorno, and Faults of Interpretation
This article deals with the economic, social and political situation of the Mezzogiorno within the framework of Italy. It, starting from the effects of the economic crisis, discusses the recent tranformations in the economy, and the dangerous effects it may create in the long term, on the well-being of the area. The main message is that Italy needs a strong development policy to return to growth and improve the families’conditions especially increasing employment rates. Within this development policy a specific industrial policy is needed, as well as a clear territorial cohesion policy. Nevertheless, this does not seem to be a priority in the Italian political arena. In particular, the consensus in favour of a cohesion policy able to improve the economic and social performane of the Mezzogiorno (and in this way improving the situation of the whole country) is very weak. In the political and economic debate, the issue of the development of the Mezzogiorno is not at all high in the agenda, and the article tries to explain why.

Keywords: Mezzogiorno, crisis, development, politics
Parole chiave: Mezzogiorno, crisi, sviluppo, politica