Ripensare il paternalismo in epoca neoliberale

Autori: Massimo Cuono, Raffaella Sau
In: Meridiana. 79, 2014
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Rethinking Paternalism in Neoliberal Age
In modern political philosophy, the notion of «paternalism» has often been used metaphorically to compare the ruler-subject to the father-son relation in order to criticize different forms of authoritarianism since John Locke’s famous condemn of absolute monarchy. The so-called «neoliberals» revive similar anti-paternalistic arguments against welfare state and social rights; nevertheless, several authors have recently suggested to reframe neoliberalism by introducing the notion of «neoliberal paternalism». This apparent oxymoron leads to an innovative interpretation of neoliberalism as a depoliticized ideology grounded on the supposed truth of economics and ethics.

Keywords: paternalism, neoliberalism, liberal-democracy, depoliticization
Parole chiave: paternalismo, neoliberismo, liberal-democrazia, depoliticizzazione