Indigenti responsabili e giovani occupabili. Il governo neoliberale di chi «merita» assistenza in Marocco

Autore: Irene Bono
In: Meridiana. 79, 2014
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The Responsible Poor and the Employable Youth. The Neoliberal Government of Deserving Assistance in Morocco
This article proposes to explore the concrete ways by which the social question has been governed in Morocco, as a way for reading the transformations of power relations among the different actors in charge of it. In Morocco, as elsewhere, the personal responsibility requested both to the poor and to the youth to be deserving of assistance is nowadays presented as a double anti-paternalist antidote: it should help to overcome traditional forms of social assistance based on clientelistic mechanisms, without opening new room for paternalist assistance through State intervention. By an approach of historical sociology of politics and economics, this article shows how the discretionary and non-systematic practices of assistance deserved by the responsible poor and the employable youth can be read as a renewal of paternalistic ways of managing welfare policies. The attention is focused, in particular, on the transformations in the logics of belonging subtended to private charity and labor unions social initiatives since the post-colonial times, and in the transformations of the relations among these actors and the State authority engendered by the introduction of standards and norms for regulating welfare policies in neoliberal times.
Keywords: Morocco, welfare policies, poor, youth
Parole chiave: Marocco, welfare, poveri, giovani