Roma, una città metropolitana in crescita e trasformazione

Autori: Carlo Carminucci, Silvio Casucci, Georg Josef Frisch
In: Meridiana. 80, 2014
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Rome, a Growing Metropolitan City in Transformation
Rome is the Italian urban metropolitan area which has undergone in the last ten/ fifteen years the most profound changes both in terms of economic and social development and in terms of urban planning and mobility. This article aims to contribute to the recent debate on the city of Rome, through an objective analysis on the positive and negative changes that have marked the city’s recent history. We want to support the thesis that the institution of the metropolitan city of Rome risks arriving ten/fifteen years late. The profound changes ongoing in the city would undoubtedly have required an effective territorial government and a vast area leadership capability, which has proven to be inadequate. The absence of such a capability has, inevitably, brought about strong imbalances and significant new problems which cannot be easily fixed in the near future.

Keywords: Rome, urban economics, urban metropolitan area, urban mobility