La città metropolitana di Napoli. Poteva essere un’occasione di riscatto

Autore: Vezio De Lucia
In: Meridiana. 80, 2014
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The Metropolitan Authority of Neaples. It Could Have Been an Opportunity of Redemption
Statistical data demonstrate that the quality of life within the metropolitan area of Naples is in a terrible condition and it has gone worst in the last decades. 2. The article focuses on the situation of the coastline of the Vesuvius, where in many municipalities buildings have consumed the available space; a situation that is alarming in consideration of the volcanic risk of the Vesuvius itself. 3. Congestion, overcrowding and administrative fragmentation would require a forward-looking and effective instruments of land use planning, that should be based on a large scale dimension. 4. A satisfactory legal discipline was introduced by the law n. 142 of 1990 that provided for metropolitan authorities with functions appropriate to the problems. 5. On the contrary the recently approved reform of the metropolitan authorities (law 7 April 2014, n. 56) seems to be completely inadequate. 6. The article propose then the subject of the protection and the promotion of cultural heritage as keystone of every perspective of rebirth. 7. In the conclusion, the article underlines a positive note, that is the progress in the construction of the metro of Naples (Scampia is now reachable from the main station in half hour).

Keywords: Metropolitan authorities, Neaples, cultural heritage, quality of life