La Terra dei fuochi. Un problema di rappresentanza?

Autore: Marco Demarco
In: Meridiana. 80, 2014
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The «Terra dei fuochi». A Rappresentative Question?
The experience of the «Terra dei fuochi» movements as a possible answer to the question: who and how takes the unpopular decisions about landfills, incinerators, industrial plants that treat waste. The analysis starts, not surprisingly, by the book Breaking the impasse: consensual approaches to resoliving public disputes (Basic books, 1987) written by Jeffrey Cruiksshank and Lawrence Susskind. In the Land of fires, where an «ecomafia» responsible for illegal dumping that has caused a rise in cancer rates, a central role is played by Father Maurizio Patriciello. He is a charismatic leader, who recalls the figure of Erin Brockovich in the Steven Soderbergh’s movie. Hinkley, California, where the movie is set, as Caivano, South Italy, where Patriciello lives. He leads the protest using tradition and modernity, the parish, where he meets his people, and social networks. In this mix of old and new is the secret of his success. The first waste crisis in Naples was in 1994. After twenty years of environmental emergency, only now here there are the first measures against the toxic waste.

Keywords: Terra dei fuochi, local community, toxic waste, ecomafia