Progetti migratori. Lavoro e proprietà delle donne nelle migrazioni familiari (Torino, XVIII secolo)

Autore: Beatrice Zucca Micheletto
In: Genesis. XIII/1, 2014
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Migratory projects: women work and property in familiar migrations (Turin, 18th Century)
The paper aims to investigate and highlight the role of married women in the migration of low and middle class families in Eighteenth-century Turin. A current commonplace in the literature assumes that men had a leading role in migrations; allegedly, the husband acted as the family’s breadwinner, while his wife (and children) merely followed him. Contrary to this assumption, this paper demonstrates that married women played a crucial role in the achievement of a migration project. Indeed, by means of their work, the employment of their dowry, and their social relations, women actively contributed to the planning of the migration and to the settlement process of their household in a new environment.