Il volto nascosto del ricongiungimento familiare: voci, vissuti e aspirazioni di donne e uomini bangladesi in Italia

Autore: Francesco Della Puppa
In: Genesis. XIII/1, 2014
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The dark side of family reunification: voices, experiences, and aspirations of Bangladeshi women and men in Italy
The paper analyzes the gender experiences and the redefining identity processes undergone by Bangladeshi migrant women involved in family reunification. The research is based on family reunifications pursued by husbands, often as a result of an arranged marriage, in a small industrial town in the North-East of Italy. Through the analysis of narratives of both husbands and wives, the article discusses the gaps that separate men’s and women’s understandings of the experience of migration and family reunification; the modes of patriarchal reproduction within the transnational space of diaspora; the symbolic violence and the masculine domination exercised by the “applicant” husbands on their “reunited” wives; the individual agency and the forms of resistance practiced by women.