Percorsi femminili nell’associazionismo italiano di Monaco di Baviera dagli anni ’70 ad oggi

Autore: Grazia Prontera
In: Genesis. XIII/1, 2014
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Female routes in the Italian associations of Munich from the 1970s until today.
The role played by self-organized migrant associations has assumed a growing relevance in the political integration of the city of Munich, to the extent that their activities have become an essential part of the city’s social and cultural life. The article examines the most active and representative of the Italian associations, as recognised by both the Italian community and the city of Munich. These include the association Rinascita, founded in 1972-73, the Circolo Cento Fiori, founded in 1980 and the movement Un’altra Italia, founded in 2009. The analysis of women’s work allows a first definition of the female profile in the Italian associations of Munich.