Sulla seconda visione in sogno della Vita Nova

Autore: Letizia Leoncini
In: Critica del testo. XVII / 1, 2014
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Sulla seconda visione in sogno della Vita Nova
The essay proposes and discusses the ipothesis of a passage from Boethius’ Philosophiae consolatio being the primary source standing behind a controversial point in Vita Nova, that is the words said by Amore to Dante in occasion of the second oneiric vision occurred in the text: «Ego tanquam centrum circuli, cui simili modo se habent circumferentie partes; tu autem non sic». In the first part the author explains the link between Dante’s words and the Boethian source relying both on the concept of Christian Providence emerging from the Vita Nova, and on various remarks made by Thomas Aquinas, probably a secondary source to Dante, about the passage from the Consolatio quoted by the poet. The second part is an interpretation of the possible meaning of Amore’s words in the general economy of the text and of Dante’s mystic conceptions about love.