La guerra rivoluzionaria di Sicilia. Costituzione, controrivoluzione, nazione 1799-1848

Autore: Antonino Blando
In: Meridiana. 81, 2014
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The Revolutionary War of Sicily. Constitution, counterrevolution, Nation 1799-1848
In this paper we aim to discuss the conflict between Sicily and Naples in the nineteenth-century. Using historical and historiographical categories of counter-revolution, constitution, and nation, we try to figure out why the Bourbon kingdom collapses in Sicily. The protagonist of three revolutions (1812, 1820 and 1848) and an endless series of confrontations and violence, two projects will come from the island National Anti-Neapolitans. The first was the loser of the «small country» Sicilian, the second was the winner of the «great nation» Italian.

Keywords: Kingdom of Naples, revolt, Sicilian patriotism, Italian nation