Alla ricerca di uno Stato nazionale. Guerre e Stato colombiano nel XIX secolo

Autore: Carlos Alberto Patiño Villa
In: Meridiana. 81, 2014
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In Search of a National State. Wars and Colombian State in the Nineteenth Century
The wars during the 19th century were characterized by the constant attempt of the establishment of a State in Colombia, a goal that has only been achieved during the last war of the century, known as La Guerra de los Mil Días. These series of wars showed the failed attempts of the governments to achieve the territorial control, the violence and weapons’ monopoly, the national collection of taxes, a comprehensive economy and appropriate infrastructure that connects the national territory. These lacks forced the governments to search the acquisition of international credits as a mechanism in order to accomplish the operation of its bureaucracy. Likewise, these wars reflected the local identities instead of a national scope because these provinces could not establish an economical and military control over others. Under this complex and particular perspective, the internal violence and political disagreements were developed during the 19th century, while the establishment of a Colombian State was searched.

Keywords: State, cities, war, territorial control, economy, taxes, politic power