Sistemi patriottici: tempi e spazi delle identità nazionali

Autore: Renata De Lorenzo
In: Meridiana. 81, 2014
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Patriotic Systems: times and spaces of national identities
The crisis of legitimacy that characterized the Bourbon’s monarchy in the late eighteenth century and the first half of the nineteenth century, interpreted taking into account suggestions historiographical influenced by postcolonial studies, leads to consider the circularity of the Europe – America, in the Mediterranean-Atlantic patriotic system, between revolutionary processes and achievements of independence. Spain, the colonial world and the Kingdom of Naples appear connected through emblematic figures of exiles, such as Horace de Attellis Santangelo and Peter De Angelis, expression of different ideological choices, challenged by the unprecedented perception of space in which to interpret and qualify the cultural and political militancy.

Keywords: Patriotic System, Europe- America, biographies