Chiesa e ’ndrangheta

Autore: Nicola Fiorita
In: Meridiana. 82, 2015
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Church and ’Ndrangheta
Three recent publications are focused on the relationship between the Calabrian Church and ’Ndrangheta, highlighting a specific feature of the main topic of the relation between Church and Mafia. At the same time, some particularly significant events – as for example the visit of Pope Francis in Calabria and the controversy on the religious processions – have pushed the Episcopal Conference of Calabria to reflect on its efforts in fighting Mafia. The publication of the pastoral note on ’Ndrangheta, although with some cautions, calls Calabrian church to face the challenge of renovation and of the anti-mafia action in many fields: the formation of clergy, the collaboration with the judiciary in respect of mutual autonomy, the relationship between crime and sin, the administration of sacraments, education for responsibility.
Keywords: Catholic church; ’Ndrangheta; Canon law