West African Families Sending Children to German Homes: Duala and Oesterle (1891-1896)

Autore: Stefanie Michels
In: Genesis. XIV/1, 2015
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West African Families sending Children to German Homes: Duala and Oesterle (1891-1896)
The example of two boys from elite families of Duala, Cameroon living with a petty bourgeois German family discusses child circulation practices of the Atlantic contact zone in relation to notions of “family” and homemaking. On the level of colonial control the ambivalent practices of state control through the male custodian and the agency of the African father by means of financial and social interaction are highlighted. On the affective level an array of relations between extended families points to bonds not governed by the logic of “race” and coloniality. Although in the end the German colonial authorities forcefully restricted the ambitions of Tube Meetom and Rudolf Duala Manga Bell, by exiling one and executing the other, their life stories already advanced African independence movements of the 1930s.