Scataglini e Guillaume de Lorris

Autore: Pietro G. Beltrami
In: Critica del testo. XVIII / 1, 2015
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Scataglini e Guillaume de Lorris
Although in his La Rosa Franco Scataglini freely reworked the beginning of the Roman de la Rose, it is still possible to identify the editions he used. In the first section of this paper I give a survey of verses by which I prove that the poet worked on more than a single text, in the second section I make some remarks about the poetic, rhetorical and metric features of La Rosa: Scataglini is inclined to make the allegorical and symbolic side of the French poem explicit, and to emphasize the pathetic element. As for the choice of the couplets of settenari instead of novenari, I believe it agrees with Scataglini’s own poetic style.