L’industria del Sud. Radici e prospettive dell’aeronautica in Campania

Autore: Paola De Vivo
In: Meridiana. 84, 2015
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Industry and South of Italy: Historical Roots and Perspectives of the Aviation Sector in Campania

The paper shows how the construction of the aviation market was supported by national governments in its early stages of birth and consolidation, given its strategic importance for the security, defense and the economy. This process occurred in conjunction with the boost given by universities in the transfer of knowledge and highly quali ed skills, the latter needed for reproduction and innovation of companies in the sector. Social networks and market were welded in a special way around this institutional core, developing over time a capacity to overcome through various strategies – among these, even the use of informal channels for access to tangible and intangible resources – those constraints that have attempted to undermine the balance and /or the growth of the territorial system.

Keywords: Social institutions; Territorial development.