L’oro rosso. Potenzialità e limiti del distretto del pomodoro dell’Agro nocerino sarnese

Autore: Luciano Brancaccio
In: Meridiana. 84, 2015
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The Red Gold. Potentials and Limits of the Tomato District of the Agro Nocerino Sarnese

In the context of the global crisis, which is particularly heavy for the Italian manufacturing industry, some territorial economies show a remarkable resilience and in some cases signi cant signs of recovery. Among these, especially in the Southern Italy, there are some agro- industry districts, one of the sectors that can realistically be an important lever for development. In these lines, I describe characteristics and recent evolution of the canning tomato industry in the Agro nocerino sarnese (an area between Naples and Salerno), paying particular attention to the contextual factors which favour or hinder the creation of cooperative networks among entrepreneurs. As is known, cooperative relationships among companies – in other words, social capital resources – are a key factor in improving the economic growth.

Keywords: Local development; Social capital; Agro-industry.