Dinamismi divergenti. Il distretto logistico e l’agroalimentare nella piana di Nola

Autore: Anna Maria Zaccaria
In: Meridiana. 84, 2015
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Diverging Dynamics. Logistic District and Agri-Food in the Plain of Nola

The Local Labour System (Sll) of Nola includes 31 municipalities distributed between the provinces of Naples and Avellino (Campania Region). Climatic conditions, geographical location and infrastructures are the major strengths of the area. System without specialization, it does not include productive Districts. Logistic District CIS-Interporto- Vulcano Buono and the agri-food sector characterize the economic vitality of the System. The Logistic District borns from the initiative of a textile entrepreneur from Naples and today represents an important node in the global trading network. Its evolution follows two logics: increase services and develop functions. The agri-food industry represents the natural evolution of the agricultural and commercial vocation of the area. Technology innovation, quality of raw materials and attention to the consumer are the strengths of this sector. The Logistical District and the agri-food industries have a very limited interrelation that sets limits to the development of both. At the institutional level, the actors play an ambiguous role, including good behaviour, structural limitations of policies and widespread stereotypes.

Keywords: Business strategies; Local development; Public policies.