Cambiamenti, strategie, innovazioni nel sistema produttivo dell’automotive in Val di Sangro

Autore: Marcello Pedaci
In: Meridiana. 84, 2015
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Changes, Strategies, Innovations in the Automotive Production System of Val di Sangro

The paper analysis the recent dynamics of the Italian local automotive production system of Val di Sangro, situated in the Abruzzo region, specialised in the manufacturing of vans, scooters, motorcycles and automotive components. The analysis is based on a case study carried out by using different techniques, including interviews with employers and/or managers, trade unions’ and employers’ representatives, policy- makers, quali ed actors. The origins of this local system are linked to the establishment of large transnational companies during the 70s and the 80s (above all Fiat-Peugeot-Citroën and Honda). These encouraged the emergence of numerous small and medium local enterprises, operating as subcontractors. After a period of rapid growth due to different factors, with the 2008 economic crisis the automotive sector in the valley has known a slowdown and now has to face important problems of repositioning. The paper examines the main points of weakness of the local system and the experiences of local actors in responding to the recent dif culties. It identi es various initiatives aimed to increase the possibilities/abilities of innovative productions, in particular of small and medium enterprises. Moreover, the paper shows the dynamism of several companies strategically oriented towards quality production, innovations, export, human resources development and valorisation.

Keywords: Local production systems; Multinational companies; Organizational strategies; Industrial policies.