La viticoltura del Nordovest della Sicilia tra tradizione, dinamismo e innovazione

Autore: Cecilia Manzo
In: Meridiana. 84, 2015
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The Wine Industry in the Northwest of Sicily between Tradition, Dynamism and Innovation

The wine industry in Sicily over the years has been involved in a process of change, which allowed the strategic reorientation of the sector and the de nition of a speci c competitive role within the system nationally and internationally. The wine area of the Northwest is one where wine production is concentrated in the region, and has been one of the main protagonists of the process of innovation in the industry. In fact, despite its many structural constraints, including the lack of services, it has been able to bring about changes that affect not only the aspect of quality production, but also the organizational and management. This was made possible primarily by the long history of accumulation of know-how in addition to natural conditions and intentional factors, they have always counted some local capacity to perceive market opportunities internationally and also to invest in experimentation and knowledge. This study want in the rst instance, highlight what were the factors have encouraged the development and, second, to identify the challenges that the sector has not yet addressed, making his success story a path partially accomplished.

Keywords: Wine industry; Innovation; Local development.