A proposito della koinè galego-castigliana. Alcune considerazioni sulla tradizione testuale dell’Arcediano de Toro

Autore: Isabella Proia
In: Critica del testo. XVIII / 3, 2015
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In this work I examine the textual tradition of the cantiga Adeus, Amor, adeus, el Rey by the Archdeacon of Toro, transmitted by the Cancionero de Baena (PN1) and the Cancionero de San Román (MH1). Originally written in Galician, this cantiga is the only poem transmitted by more than one manuscript within the Archdeacon’s poetic production, which otherwise has been preserved only by the Cancionero de Baena. The evaluation of the variants of the two manuscripts, copies of anthologies compiled several decades apart from each other, provides interesting data which make up a stratigraphy of the linguistic hybridisation occasioned by the Castilian scribes responsible for the copy in the different branches of the tradition represented by PN1 and MH1. On the basis of these considerations, I will address the issue, widely debated, of the linguistic hybridity which characterized the poetry that ourished in Castile in the second half of the XIVth century.