Anomalie codicologiche e bibliogra che: le canzoni di Adam de la Halle e la loro singolare tradizione manoscritta

Autore: Federico Saviotti
In: Critica del testo. XVIII / 3, 2015
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The manuscript transmission of Adam de la Halle’s chansons is thoroughly peculiar compared to that of the other trouvèresʼ poems: in fact, they have found a marginal though outstanding place in Old French lyric anthologies. Moving from a detailed codicological analysis, this paper aims at investigating how Adam’s poems have been originally transcribed and transmitted. Their later fortune through the gathering and the dismembering of the books which contain them (mainly chansonniers P and W) will also be examined, focusing in particular on the pivotal role presumably played by the bibliophile Châtre de Cangé in the 18th century.