Pour l’étude des insertions métriques dans l’historiographie en langue d’oïl (XIIIe-XVe siècles)

Autore: Massimiliano Gaggero
In: Critica del testo. XVIII / 3, 2015
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The insertion of lyrical poems into historical narratives written in prose is less studied than its counterpart in prose. This preliminary article draws on an extensive examination of prose historiography written between the thirteenth and the fteenth centuries; the examples discussed raise the question of the relationship between the texts quoted in prose historiography and the tradition transmitted by the chansonniers or other manuscript anthologies. In the rst section, the analysis of the metrical structure and of the rhymes provides a literary context for the poems by Philip of Novara and for the chanson Ne chant pas, que que nus die quoted in the Rothelin Continuation of the Eracles. In the second section, the manuscript tradition of the ballad Chief essoigné de piteuse aventure (1415) is studied as an example of the transmission of a lyrical text through different media: prose historiography, manuscript anthologies and registers of the notaries.