Metatesti, intertesti e tradizione indiretta: appunti sulla tradizione castigliana quattrocentesca

Autore: Isabella Tomassetti
In: Critica del testo. XVIII / 3, 2015
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The present essay explores a speci c phenomenology of the indirect tradition which can be traced in late Medieval Castilian poetry: the corpus under scrutiny comprises a number of texts belonging to the genre of the glosa and decir with poetic quotation. Both genres partake of a citation practice and an interpretive mode which mark them as instances of intertextuality and metatextuality. The analysis of the variations found in a discreet number of texts transmitted both directly and indirectly revealed two major trends in the Castilian school: on the one hand, a conservative approach which relies on the sporadic reproduction of interspersed fragments; on the other, an approach which alters, with various degrees of relevance, the intertextual passages. Additionally, identifying the formal rationale underlying these textual variations has provided the grounds to re ect on some of the methodological principles to be followed in the edition of texts transmitted indirectly.